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Palestinians celebrate in Gaza City after the reconciliation deal between Fatah and Hamas was announced in Cairo. Photo: 12 October 2017 We Gazans are very attached to the sea and we hope it will be clean again." Israel and Egypt tightened their blockade of Gaza after the Hamas takeover. The new agreement is expected to see PA forces return to border crossings, which could ease the movement of people and goods. "We want to see free movement in and out of Gaza - to the West Bank, Egypt and Israel for medical purposes and for education," Amal says. "Such steps will make us feel reconciliation is serious." Previous reconciliation deals have quickly fallen apart, and the latest announcements from Cairo have not made clear how some long-standing sticking points can be resolved. They include the fate of Hamas's 25,000-strong military wing, the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades. Hamas is also classed as a terrorist organisation by Israel, the United States and the European Union. The latter are both major donors to the PA - but would find it difficult to support a unity government that includes Hamas. Image caption Will Mahmoud Abbas now visit Gaza - for the first time in a decade? More tricky negotiations are now due to be held ahead of a meeting of all the Palestinian political movements in Cairo on 21 November. "What's happened is a good step, it's positive, but this is just the beginning," says Mustafa Barghouti, general secretary of the Palestinian National Initiative.

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